I wish I may I wish I might I wish to be loved, no popular, no tall, no petite, no strong, no beautiful, no rich, maybe I should be more spiritual. I know, I wish I was all of these things like the women on social media and television.

Maxine Little was a wife, mother and entrepreneur. She was loved by many because of her beauty inside and out. However, she didn’t see herself in this way. She lived a fairytale life of perfection. Stuck in an unrealistic world of vanity and materialism. She cared deeply for her husband and children and wanted more than anything for them to reciprocate that love to her… which they did. Unfortunately, the love that was shown to Maxine was not enough for her, she felt it was mediocre at best.

Maxine looked at life through stain glass mirrors, missing her reflection and the realism of her world. She denied being associated with the turmoil of her family. She only saw green grass, blue skies and butterflies. This caused everything she was accustomed to, to fall apart.

This confusion Maxine adapted took her on a downward spiral of madness, broken hearts, criminality and the ultimate sacrifice of selling her soul to the underworld of jealousy.

Will Maxine open her eyes and heart in time to redirect her mentality to grasp self, or will she let this self-loathe and shallowness overtake her and risk losing everything that life has to offer.

Find out as this story of CONFUSION unfolds!